Turned down by your bank? The Credit Review Office can reverse the decision and improve your bank relationship

Jim Deeney, Chief Reviewer at the Credit Review Office and director of AJS Financial Advice, was a panellist at the recent seminar on SME financing in Ireland jointly hosted by CAIM and Byrne Wallace.

Jim started by explaining how the Credit Review Office works and the benefits for SMEs in taking advantage of this under-used resource. Click on the image to watch the video.

Information deficit is often the problem, not business quality

Jim responded to a question about the problems that lead to a bank refusal and how the Office sorts them out and reverses the bank decision.

Bank relationship improves after an appeal

A common fear is that an appeal could sour the bank relationship. Jim Deeney explains that the opposite is the case, and a speaker from the floor recounts a very positive experience.

Jim responds to a question from the floor on how companies helped by the Credit Review Office fared afterwards.