How to be visible in invisible times

At our recent Members’ Meeting, co-hosted with the Professional Women’s Network, Executive Coach Fiona Buckley gave insights into how to adapt to and perform well in a virtual environment, how to manage your personal brand and to build your personal network and minimise professional isolation.

Some of the key items discussed about how to adapt to and perform well in a virtual environment were to:

  1. Manage your own perception of how you are performing
  2. Make friends with your inner critic
  3. How to achieve a state of flow in your daily work
  4. The importance of a daily reflection

The importance of remaining positive, focusing on key strengths and ensuring they are maximised and developing enabling beliefs were emphasised.
Fiona outlined some of the opportunities of the virtual environment to build your personal network:

  1. People are craving interaction and connection
  2. Ask for help – People want to give back- now more than ever
  3. Build, maintain and audit your network
  4. Stakeholder Analysis
  5. Two connection coffees a month is a great start
  6. Make it personal when reaching out
  7. Realise that you have something to offer and that you have value. It’s a two-way conversation.

The importance of minimising professional isolation through networking, mentoring, building resilience and mindset and distance learning opportunities was noted. Different approaches are required for extroverts and introverts.

Fiona has written several excellent blogs including: