About CAIM

CAIM is an unincorporated entity governed by a constitution and led by a group of elected officers.

Chartered Accountant Interim Managers is a co-operative network of independent Chartered Accountants providing FD, CEO or General Manager expertise to enterprises and business based on specific projects tailored to clients’ needs and budget.

By hiring an Interim Manager from CAIM you get the benefits of:

– a fresh perspective;
– seamless integration into your management teams;
– proven track record in delivering results;
– immediate access to a pool of highly skilled, independent professionals with deep sectoral knowledge;
– flexibility on budget and time commitment; and
– a cost effective solution.

CAIM members offer their services directly to you, the clients. There are no middlemen, placement fees or other overheads. Interim managers undertake assignments in person and are available to start at short notice. At the end of the assignment, the interim manager will complete any necessary handovers and exit without drama or additional costs. On time and within budget.

“…a hugely valuable resource and a cost-effective way of sourcing competencies and experience you may not have in your organisation.”

Snapshot of the expertise offered by our membership of over 70+ professionals