Flender talk at Monthly Members’ meeting – April 2020

We had an interesting discussion with Jamie Heaslip and Colin Canny of Flender at our recent virtual monthly members’ meeting on digital lending and fast and flexible alternatives to the traditional banks.

Flender talk at Monthly Members' meeting – April 2020

Key highlights:

  • Delays in decisions from banks are holding back the benefit of the SBCI scheme to SME’s with credit decisions currently taking over a month. Flender are currently issuing decisions on working capital loan applications within 24 hours.
  • Independent Finance Providers of Ireland are uniting to lobby SBCI for access to the working Capital Loan Scheme to make it more useful for SME’s.
  • It was noted that UK/French/Swiss governments have endorsed a national government guarantee scheme open to all which would be very welcome in Ireland.

Jamie Heaslip gave some useful ideas on lessons business can learn from professional sport including the importance of developing soft skills and how to drive high performance in a fast-changing environment.